Current Planetary Influences


    Are you getting organized?

    Happy New Year everyone – may all of you Capricorns help the rest of the zodiac to comprehend the planetary energies that are emphasized this month and really all year. Getting organized is certainly an important item on the Capricorn agenda.  

    We have Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn in the beginning of this month. We could be headed for a conference where we butt heads with what is “right” and correct or we could be headed for a party where we celebrate our common interests. The balance of power is really up for grabs.

The balance of power - Saturn and Pluto

   With Saturn in Capricorn there is a strong focus for rules and traditions and cultivating a strong and ethical foundation. Saturn will teach us to have “right relationship” with our colleagues and our neighbors. The balance of power is challenged with Pluto in Capricorn where there is a strong focus to destroy and purge what is putrid in the foundation of our social institutions such as religion, government, education, and banking. In other words, this is a time for clearing away any lack of “right relationship” and transforming these social institutions.

  Another very important attribute of Saturn is that this planet teaches us about time management. Saturn teaches us to take time for preparing and organizing. Saturn can be a great teacher of how we hold onto each moment or event or grievance also. Yet, the very nature of time is to let go for the next moment to come.

   Time is an amazing part of life to reflect upon. Our memories are sometimes not that clear of how exactly something happened or took place but in time we tend to forget and heal or fester and hurt. Time can be a great teacher to let go as the next moment is coming. Yet, we hold on so that we learn the lesson of that event or moment in our life. Taking time to go back and review from an objective perspective is challenging but absolutely necessary. Think about this time as a time to send up old habits and patterns into balloons and let the balloons loose to fly away.

   With Saturn and Pluto having a work-party in Capricorn we will have many opportunities to truly understand how attached we are to having control of time, traditions and how the future unfolds. It is a roll-up-your sleeves time. The party is just beginning but once Jupiter is in Capricorn and there is an alignment with Saturn and Pluto we are likely to truly get the message what is most important and what needs to be done and what needs to be released. This won’t happen until 2020 but we are in the organizing transition time all year 2019.

   2019 is the year to go through our closets and cupboards and determine what gives us joy and service and what is ready to be released.  Think of this as a metaphor for relationships and patterns that need to be released but also physically clearing as well. This is the year to explore our impact on others and to take responsibility for our part. This is the year to strengthen form and structure. Capricorn and Saturn teach us to follow a rule or law and to be as correct as possible. It is a time for hard work and to put aside jealousy or envy. It is a time to be practical and realistic. It is a time to be positive and to do things in steps so that accomplishment is realized. It is also a time to accept mistakes as lessons and to keep on going. When we err we must remember to get up and try again. There is no quitting with Capricorn.

SHIFTS in our consciousness – Uranus square Pluto returns

   The Uranus square Pluto cycle started in 2011 and influenced collective shifts of views and awareness. The “Arab Spring” as well as many shifts in governments globally began with this planetary cycle. What other shifts have we made in our collective?

   Certainly the “Me-too” movement has taken hold in much of the world. Women are being heard! There is still much to be done and we can see how a shift often goes to one extreme to another until the balance is found. Yet, this movement will not stop and will continue until there is complete balance of power between man and man, man and woman, and woman and woman. This movement is historical and cultural. Uranus is all about the collective and shocking us to go forward for a better future. Pluto is all about clearing up the base side of society and penetrating to the truth of things. The square is forcing us to work at getting to the truth so we will see many other shifts with these planetary influences.

    Other areas of shifts are with European / Western countries shifting from more traditional candidates for political leadership roles toward more populist candidates. The Saturn/Pluto combination in Capricorn can bring a focus on the more right-wing side of politics but balance is coming. Note how the Green Movements all over Europe and even here in the US are beginning to be equally important.

Out-of-bounds Mercury

  In the beginning of this month Mercury out-of-bounds could lead us astray into wild and crazy ideas or into very clever and amazingly creative possibilities. Words are spoken with an impact that vibrates throughout history. Keeping this in mind it is wise to spend time in quiet reflection daily. Out-of-bounds planets tend to create a Uranian quality to the planet. There will be more on this subject in the future. Three examples of celebrities with Mercury-out-bounds in their birth charts are Laurie Anderson, Louisa May Alcott and Judy Woodruff.

January has a Solar and Lunar Eclipse

  The Solar Return is connected with the New Moon on January 5 and highlights new beginnings with rules and laws. Look on your chart for where you might have a planet near 15 degrees of Capricorn. This will be a point on your chart that is highlighted (eclipsed) so that you focus on this for 1 year.

  The Lunar Eclipse is connected with the Full Moon on January 20 and is at zero degrees Leo. This eclipse influences a focus for 1 month. If you have a planet in your chart at zero degrees Aquarius or Leo this is where you are focused until next month’s full moon.

Healing is not always relaxing

  Throughout this month there are *”Psyche Drain” planetary combinations indicating that this month could be exhausting and overwhelming. Working with structure and realistic planning minimizes the state of overwhelm.

   *(Please note that “psyche drain” is my own term for the triangle made with 2 planets sesquiquadrate a 3rd planet. This creates a state of deep stress. I have conducted “psyche drain” retreats in the past and now work with people individually to find healing points with this combination in their charts.)

   Overall, this is a month to be steady and firm with right relationships. It is a month to find peace with inner spaciousness and hard work. Balancing each moment and day with quiet and activity is like a meditation. Determine what is most important throughout the day.


  There are several times throughout this month that the Moon is void of course during the night and early AM hours which could enhance sleep. The following list of when moon is void of course is for waking hours for at least 2 ½ hours in Mountain time zone:

JAN 1 – Moon void/course 3:27 PM to 2:00 AM next day

JAN 9 – Moon void/course 9:54 AM to 12:45 PM MST

JAN 11 – Moon void/course all day until 1.19 AM NEXT DAY

JAN 16 - Moon void/course 11:35 AM to 6:01 PM MST

JAN 18 - Moon void/course 6.33 PM to 8:45 PM MST

JAN 20 - Moon void/course 6:51 PM to 8:56 PM MST

JAN 22 - Moon void/course 6:20 PM to 8:23 PM MST

JAN 24 - Moon void/course 6:51 PM to 9:04 PM MST

JAN 28 - Moon void/course 3:40 PM to 7:34 AM next day 

 On each of these times it is best to be extra conscious and centered with your activities – especially if driving a car or working with machinery of any kind. The void can be a positive time for healing sessions, practicing Yoga and meditation, reflecting and working with positive affirmations. This is generally not the best time to start something new or try learning something new. When the Moon is void of course it is not a time to start learning or doing something new. It is easy to forget your wallet, phone, purse or keys while the Moon is void of course. Take your time and be aware of hidden meanings and experiences.

Jan 1 – Mars enters Aries

    Mars is happy in Aries and likes to be active, athletic and opinionated. Oh yes – opinions can be wild, dramatic and passionate for all of January and the first part of February. So, get ready to take part in a twitter match of the century. Seriously, Mars is proactive and project oriented. Set goals from your New Year’s resolutions and get to the gym or do that work-out as you resolved and you will feel great. On the dark side of Mars in Aries is arrogance and hatred. Keep on the light side with exercise and ideas and opinions that help others live a better life.

Jan 5/6 – Capricorn New Moon (Jan 5, 6:29 PM MST) Solar Eclipse Jan 5/6 – Uranus is stationary Direct

    This New Moon chart is very dynamic with Uranus stationed retrograde over-shadowing the rest of the chart. Words, words, and words are flying and soaring to shock the collective. Yet there is a Grand Water Trine with Mars, Venus and North Node trying to get to a harmonious energy that activates healing. Grand Water Trines offer an increase in sensitivity which could be the stimuli for the possible word explosion.  

    Pluto is conjunct the Moon and Sun (within 5 degrees of each other) in Capricorn with Saturn in conjunction to the Moon and Sun. So the word intense is probably not definitive. This could be excessive drama about some rules, law or ethical matter. The reaction to these planetary influences is likely to be expressed with oppositional concern for the welfare of women and children.  Power is scrutinized from all legal and practical perspectives.

    It is possible that the economy is also highlighted with Pluto conjunct the Moon and Sun and the Sun/Moon conjunct Saturn. Perhaps, the trade wars and the stock market will continue to be underlined as a problem that begins to erode healthy economy. Also, the US government partial shut-down is going to be highlighted as an economical burden.

    The psyche drain has Uranus and Jupiter and the North Node as the 3 planets and this indicates that we are going to feel a drain in our enthusiasm and sense of well-being. A change in direction is exhausting but absolutely necessary. This is not just about individual changes but because of the planets involved very much a government of the people shift and healing.

    Usually we have an opportunity to begin anew with zeal and open-minded energy with the New Moon. Unfortunately, what is new and zealous is not necessarily what the powerful people in leadership like based on how the planets are lined-up. Take time on this day and the next few days to allow for rest and quiet time.

Jan 9 – Moon at Apogee

    The Lunar apogee is similar to a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting and the Moon is farthest from the earth. People tend to feel more anxious with this phase because they are aware that there is less and less time to get things done. Be patient, be patient, be patient… stay centered and fill your heart with light. Take responsibility for your actions and be with peace.

Jan 13 – Aries Moon on its North Node

    This Aries Moon can feel highly self-conscious. There is a sense of not being good enough or not smart enough or such thoughts. Shift these thoughts into creative imagination and ways to improve your life, home and relationships. Mark this day on your calendar and do something new and different.  

Jan 20 – Sun enters Aquarius

    The days are beginning to get a bit longer and there is a sense of relief from rules and schedules and plans. Now comes a time for adventure, explorations and inventions. This is a time for change. Technology is highlighted but so are international connections. The tendency to be bored is problematic. Try something different. Aquarius energies do stir things up into chaos though so beware of going completely off schedule for too long. Jot down your first thoughts upon awakening from sleep. You may have surprising intuition or insights at your fingertips.

Jan 20/21 – Full Moon at zero degrees Leo (Jan 20 at 10:17 PM MST) Lunar Eclipse

    The full moon is at the peak of its monthly cycle and is all about fruition but with the hard aspects of T-squares and psyche drains and oppositions, this feels more like reaching a mountain top without any air or water.

    The Moon is racing along with so many projects to complete that it is a time when one might forget to eat, drink water or sleep. This is a time when it is paramount to have a priority list and stick to it. One positive thing to think about is that all the squares in this chart (9) are there so that we can learn how to make changes. Each square is a teacher that teaches us that doubts are not the end but actually the beginning of doing something differently. Trust in your values and live according to your values. Stand up for your values. Make an effort and it will be long-lasting. The many Squares are challenging each of us to roll-up-our-sleeves and do our part.

    The psyche drains (yes there are 2 psyche drains!) are overwhelming but healing. Pace your activities and projects with inner guidance and take time for self-care, healing treatments and meditation.

Jan 21Moon at Perigee

    The Moon at Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the earth and is similar to a building or waxing time of the Moon. This is a day for intimate and deeply connecting with those you love and care for. Everything cannot be done in 1 day but planting a seed and a plan today is beneficial.

Jan 26 – Libra Moon on its South Node

    This is a time when people can be easily insulted or overly guarded and sensitive. It’s a day when relationships are a struggle. Try to see the other person’s point of view. Breathe and reflect on what you love. Harmony is right here.

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