Current Planetary Influences


    Happy Birthday to my fellow Scorpios – even though each of us Scorpios may not look alike, may not act alike or even think alike we carry similar themes of seeking understanding and transformation. We have a lot of baggage and probably have a lot of karmic tendencies to release and purify. The quest is daunting but we go for it. These themes of going for the release of baggage are strongly felt in the beginning of this month.  

The balance of power

   When I think of power dynamics I think of Mars and/or Pluto. Mars is definitely highlighted this month. Mars is a planet of power and energy actively oriented toward a goal. This is the planet that pushes us to reach the finish line.

  The first few weeks of November has Mars moving through the last degrees of Aquarius signifying a strong concern for freedom. With Mar’s trine to Venus retrograde in the late degrees of Libra the theme of balance is re-stated. When planets are at the end of a sign in degrees there is a sense of urgency to get “it” right; to complete the cycle with finality. There is an awareness that the next sign and themes are up soon. Now is the time to find the balance between male and female; between strong opinions and ideas and between very different factions of society. Venus in Libra is the balancing energy toward fairness while Mars in Aquarius energizes ways for us to see that we are all equal.

   The balance of power is up for grabs – not just here in the US political arena but in the whole world – countries and world leaders are vying for position as the planetary influences become more and more intense.  We see countries moving further to the right or to the left and sharp criticism that fires up people into displays of emotions. The shaking of a hand could have whole new meanings in the socio-political environment. Somehow we must see that this is a moment in the history of our civilization that is about working toward harmony with all members of the global community and understanding the fragile interconnection each member contributes to the whole.

   Last month I wrote about Venus and once again I see an importance to write about this planetary influence.

   Venus is the planet that is concerned with social and personal values. There are people who value their personal wealth and sense of safety over the welfare of others and there are people who value the quality of environment and kindness toward others as more important than personal wealth. With Mars and Venus harmonically connected these very diverse values are potentially combined. However, we have a strong oppositional pull with Uranus to Venus this month. Keep in mind that Uranus is reactionary and is likely to interrupt a flow in order to wake us up. With this opposition to Venus there is a wake-up call to society.

   I think of a see-saw in the playground as how oppositions play out. If we jump off while see-sawing with another the balance is gone. If one is much heavier than another the balance is gone. Yet, when we find mutuality and common weight and ideas and thoughts we enjoy the up and down and gentle fun of a see-saw. Uranus is rather shocking and forceful against Venus and it is a fragile time to find the balance and the mid-point.

    Uranus in opposition to Venus describes a time when the status quo is in disarray. This opposition can be a polarizing affect that explains why there seems to be such huge divides between groups of people. Venus signifies values but also friendships and alliances. Venus is our connection with society. Venus could be our rights as citizens to vote. In fact the whole subject of who is a legal citizen emerges as a theme with this current Venus retrograde cycle.

  Uranus signifies change. There is a feeling of the very earth moving underneath our feet forcing us to find new ground to stand on. There is a great resistance to change and so Uranus pushes us over the edge in order that we do make the change whether we like it or not. Sometimes there is ruin and destruction while other times, there is great awakening and awareness. With this opposition it is a time to wake up and listen to oppositional voices and to find the balance and mid-point.

   The current cycle of Venus retrograde touches each of us in ways that are very personal and perhaps vulnerable. It is a time to reflect and explore all aspects of relationships. It is a time to fine tune ways to live more according to your values. It is a time of revealing to yourself what gifts are given and what gifts are received on a daily basis. What is the gift that Venus offers? For each of us it is going to be slightly unique and special. Wherever you have late degrees of Libra you will be receiving Venus’ gifts this month.   

What happens to our Earth and Air affects our Health - Saturn and Uranus

    The need for balance in regulations for cleaner air and water is extremely sensitive. This is not just a value judgment, it is factual and scientific. Just think about Flint, Michigan and the result of impure water there.

   So I look at Saturn as a planetary guide to this issue. Saturn is all about the facts and the scientific approach. Saturn continues its trine with Uranus for another month giving us another opportunity to harmonize and explore facts and the better future of our planet. Saturn also represents the more fixed traditional and conventional way of proceeding. So there is caution with Saturn and Uranus is the ice skating kid who just likes to zip around and have an adventure. Uranus can be all about awakening us to our sleeping lazy selves also. Uranus can shock and interrupt our sleep and dreams. Uranus can be like a bolt of lightning and a hurricane that sharply reminds us that things change in a blink of an eye. 

   With these 2 planets in a trine to each other we will see extreme weather events as well as extreme reactionary events such as horrible hate crimes. Yet, these 2 planets in a trine are guiding us to find harmony from the traditional and the non-traditional thoughts. Releasing attachments to material goods is not easy to do but then take a look at what lessons we have from Climate and Earth events – what matters the most? Perhaps, the argument of what is the cause is moot, perhaps not. The fact is there are many changes affecting our planet and we must do what we must in order to bring balance and healing to our planet.  

Healing is not always relaxing

      Throughout this month we have a “psyche drain”* which can activate a sense of overwhelm but ultimately a healing. This month the “psyche drain” is with Neptune, North Node and Venus. It can be draining and exhausting but it is a constant reminder to find the “higher road” with thoughts and relationships. All relationships are highlighted. *(Please note that “psyche drain” is my own term for the triangle made with 2 planets sesquiquadrate a 3rd planet. This creates a state of deep stress. I have conducted “psyche drain” retreats in the past and now work with people individually to find healing points with this combination in their charts.)

Neptune the mystic, the image maker -

   Neptune in a water sign is extra watery and mystical but also potentially emotional and unclear. This is an excellent month to be working with vibrational and energy work; crystals, chanting, and painting. This is an excellent month to be working with your power to visualize and to write poetry. Neptune will guide you along a course to take that is for your highest spiritual potential. Yet, with the “psyche drain” and a square later in the month to Mercury there is caution to not get overwhelmed or overly invested in mental chatter. Instead find spaciousness in thoughts and find guidance for your highest potential and find healing. Discern what your choices are before taking action. Neptune guides us to follow universal principles of kindness to all living beings.

   Overall, this is a month to cherish our social and personal values; our relationships to our community and friends. This is a month to stand-up for what is for the greater good and to be thankful of our personal rights and freedom.


  There are several times throughout this month that the Moon is void of course during the night and early AM hours which could enhance sleep. The following list of when moon is void of course is for waking hours in MST:

Nov 8 – Moon void/course early AM to 12:01

Nov 20 – Moon void/course 3:47 to 4:44 PM

Nov 22 – Moon void/course all day until 9:12 PM

  On each of these times it is best to be extra conscious and centered with your activities – especially if driving a car or working with machinery of any kind. The void can be a positive time for healing sessions, practicing Yoga and meditation, reflecting and working with positive affirmations. This is generally not the best time to start something new or try learning something new. When the Moon is void of course it is not a time to start learning or doing something new. It is easy to forget your wallet, phone, purse or keys while the Moon is void of course. Take your time and be aware of hidden meanings and experiences.

Nov 5 – Libra Moon on its South Node

    This is a time when people can be easily insulted or overly guarded and sensitive. It’s a day when relationships are a struggle. Just count to 10 or say a mantra before reacting and you will be rewarded with a more peaceful day.

Nov 7 – Scorpio New Moon

    This New Moon chart is a fusion of a T-square, a “psyche drain”, and a Grand Water Trine. Fusion charts helps us to link everything together and to see how everything is interrelated. 

    This New Moon comes 1 day after US elections and is likely to be challenging to political powers in office. The New Moon chart for Washington DC has Saturn in the 12th house at the Ascendant angle and indicates that there will be some restrictions set down. Perhaps there will be some delays in getting all results as well.

    There is also a Grand Water Trine with Chiron to North Node and Jupiter which increases emotions but also improvement. This Grand Water Trine seems to be about healing and transforming. Oh there will be lots of emotions with this planetary line-up but I feel Chiron’s ability to create a rainbow bridge from what is fragmented to what is whole can be the result.

    Finally, the t-square is likely to continue obstacles that are fear-based in our society; while the psyche drain will guide us to surrender to guidance that takes us to the “higher road”. Dialogues will need to be created between opposing views in order to lighten the doubts and fears. With discernment and awareness of what are overall the best choices to make for the overall good of all can be achieved. That said, there is a lot of work to do and this New Moon is giving us an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and get the job done.

Nov 14 – Moon at Apogee

    The Lunar apogee is similar to a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting and the Moon is farthest from the earth. People tend to feel more anxious with this phase because they are aware that there is less and less time to get things done. Be patient, be patient, be patient… stay centered and fill your heart with light. Take responsibility for your actions and be with peace.

Nov 16 – Venus goes Direct

    For the rest of this month Venus will be at the end degrees of Libra. Venus will be guided each of us to bring balance into our relationships. On a global level this could be a time of resolving challenging relations with various country leaders. The key to resolving relationship issues is to listen and take time to better understand the other point of view.

Nov 17 – Mercury goes Retrograde until Dec 6

    Watch for a shift in rhetoric as we get closer to the date of retrograde. Mundane matters that involve words, speech and communications such as social media will be reviewed and edited a lot with this Mercury cycle and the direct motion of Venus.

Nov 19 – Aires Moon on its North Node

   This Aries Moon can feel highly self-conscious. There is a sense of not being good enough or not smart enough or such thoughts. Shift these thoughts into creative imagination and ways to improve your life, home and relationships.

Nov 22 – Sun enters Sagittarius (Thanksgiving Day in USA)

   Sagittarius is all about sharing beliefs and stories. It is a time for celebrations and joining up with others to share food and cultural customs. It is a busy time for most people and can create moments of overwhelms and indulgences. There is inspiration in the stories we share with others.

Nov 22/23– Full Moon at zero degrees Gemini

  The full moon is at the peak of its monthly cycle and is all about fruition. The planetary combinations and relationships are dynamic with a T-square and a “psyche drain” and a Grand Water Trine. So we continue to have a fusion of planets joining together for emphasis. When planets interconnect we have a better chance of getting the point of the planetary energies.

    Jupiter is now in Sagittarius and conjunct the Sun and Mercury retrograde which expands and increases much talk and thought and opinions. Personal and global beliefs are on the talking table in a square to Mars and Neptune and in opposition to the Gemini Moon (t-square). So doubts are aired and what is the right direction to take is debated. Yet, with the trines of Jupiter/Sun, North Node and Chiron we have opportunity on a global and personal level to make bridges between warring factions.

    The opposition of Venus to Uranus continues and so does the trine of Saturn and Uranus. Note that Venus is now direct while Mercury is retrograde. We are still reviewing and editing social issues and probably social media while we are balancing how to maintain freedom of speech.

    The square of Pluto to Venus is likely to be challenging society to find a way to make a shift where there is abuse and misuse of power.

Nov 26 – Neptune goes Direct  

   This illusive energy becomes a little more direct and I sense we will be discussing hidden agendas and deceitful messages. Idealism and romanticism is engaged but at times overwhelming since Neptune is not easily expressed while in the “psyche drain” connection to North Node and Sun/Jupiter. Still, this begins a time when we can begin to highlight compassion, empathy and healing. Neptune is a dissolving energy that releases old habits and patterns if we remember to surrender to the voice of Wisdom and not the voice of paranoia. This is a time for us to find union with common universal ethical principles.

Nov 26Moon at Perigee

   The Moon at Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the earth and is similar to a building or waxing time of the Moon. This is a day for intimate and deeply connecting with those you love and care for. Everything cannot be done in 1 day but planting a seed and a plan today is beneficial.

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