Current Planetary Influences

MARCH 2019

    Happy Spring (hurry up, I am done with winter). Soon we will begin to see green instead of white. I know this is true but I can hardly wait. As I write this I see nothing but white – on bare trees and piled up along the driveways and streets everywhere.  

    With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, impatience increases. Everything changes from one moment to another and the planets keep moving and eventually we will have Jupiter in a conjunction with Saturn and Pluto but not in March. Living with awareness to the rhythms of the cosmos helps us from trying too hard to do something that is not in the right timing.

   So themes of working hard are highlighted with Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. With these planets in Capricorn it is a time to consider what is essential to accomplish, especially since we are in a Mercury retrograde cycle this month.  Saturn will act as a weed killer but also as a drying up agent for emotional and passionate energies. Pluto will act as a purifying and cleansing agent. This doesn’t sound like fun but it is necessary. Eat and drink accordingly to balance these planetary agents. For instance, soups and juices are great foods for the time being.

  Saturn is really not about fun and pleasure but about accomplishment, discipline and right relationship with others. Saturn likes to take charge and be the boss or the executive because Saturn doesn’t like to delegate out tasks (mostly out of fear that others won’t do the job right). In other words there is a sense of being in control and great fear if there seems to be open-ended aspects to life that are not in control. On the highest octave of Saturn we are taking responsibility for our actions and realize success in working alongside others to get a task completed.

   With the beginning of spring happening this month think of this time as a seed planting time. It is a time to start with seed thoughts. Plan carefully and only plant what you know is practical and feasible as Saturn and Pluto will quickly kick out what is not feasible. Keep in mind that Pluto will penetrate deeply into the truth of things. So your mind’s garden of ideas and thoughts will grow strong as long as you weed out the impractical for upcoming season. (I may have to heed this warning for my actual physical garden as well.)

   This is a warning to dreamers and visionaries out there that the planetary energies are focused on pragmatic issues. This doesn’t mean that you can’t follow your dream and your passion but it means that if you weave the visionary/spiritual into the pragmatic/practical you will accomplish what your heart desires this month.

  The balance of power brings shifts in our consciousness – Venus and Mars

   This month we have Mars in Taurus (no longer conjunct Uranus) in a square to morning star Aquarius Venus. The tension between these planetary influences is like a boxing match. First Venus flies around the opponent and then spontaneously jabs while Mars slowly checks out its options and wallops. If Venus and Mars were countries – such as China and America or Venezuela and America or North Korea and America – we can see that we have dangerous planetary energies occurring for relationships.

   Consider how this stressful combination of Venus and Mars will be in ordinary people to people relationships. It could bring up how some people are more at odds with others than usual. Political groups such as US Democrats and Republicans or UK’s Labor and Conservative parties might find it more challenging than usual to compromise. However, the stress of the differences could actually increase a shift in awareness and understanding between the two people.

   Squares take us along a rather tortuous path until we discover new and different ways of reaching our goals. This is because squares teach us to learn and understand before taking action. Squares provide us with obstacles and differences of opinions and hard lessons but if we work diligently toward better understanding we ultimately release the patterns of dis-harmony.

   Squares can feel like a “wall” is being built up as a defense but it is actually just part of the obstacle that requires deeper understanding. The image of running into a wall portrays how a square in Astrology feels. Are walls or squares necessary? It is said that we learn about a karmic pattern in our life when we work with our squares.

    I feel squares help us to gain awareness and understanding; they are in our astrology so that we learn how to do things differently with more sensitivity. It is said in Robert Frost’s famous poem “Mending Walls” …”Before I built a wall I'd ask to know What I was walling in or walling out, And to whom I was like to give offence.”

 Once again we have a Super Moon this month

    The perigee is on the 19th and the Full Moon is on the 20th this year along with the Vernal Equinox. The occurrence of Full Moon’s being Super Moons are more frequent than having a Full Moon on the Vernal Equinox. This is likely to occur only once every 19 years! Take time to dance and celebrate the entry of the season of New Beginnings.

Healing is not always relaxing - Neptune and Saturn

  This month with Neptune in a sextile to Saturn all month there are opportunities for elevated sensitivity and healing with the spiritual, emotional and physical body. The healing can occur within social systems such as the military, religion, education and health. The long awaited accountability needed for sexual violence and misconduct is increased in churches, schools and even healthcare.

  This 60 degree aspect (sextile) between Neptune and Saturn is a time for maturity with individuals and organizations taking responsibility for their actions. Sextiles provide a pathway lit up by meaningful action that is overall beneficial. Sextiles represent opportunity for spiritual growth. It is as if the effort to make this healing happen is finally occurring because of the effort made in the past.

   Overall, this is a month to be steady and firm with right relationships. It is a month to find peace with inner spaciousness and hard work. Balancing each moment and day with quiet and activity is like a meditation. Determine what is most important throughout the day.


  There are several times throughout this month that the Moon is void of course during the night and early AM hours which could enhance sleep. The following list of when moon is void of course is for waking hours for at least 2 ½ hours in Mountain time zone:

March 9 – Moon void/course 10:15 AM to 12:11 AM next day MST

March 12 – Moon void/course 2:32 AM to 8:59 AM MST

March 14 – Moon void/course 5:32 AM to 2:50 PM MST

March 16 - Moon void/course 11:04 PM to 5:58 PM MST

March 18 - Moon void/course 9:20 AM to 8:42 PM MDT

March 20 – Moon void/course 9:23 AM to 8:29 PM MDT

March 22 – Moon void/course 12:11 AM to 9:17 PM MDT

   On each of these times it is best to be extra conscious and centered with your activities – especially if driving a car or working with machinery of any kind. The void can be a positive time for healing sessions, practicing Yoga and meditation, reflecting and working with positive affirmations. This is generally not the best time to start something new or try learning something new. When the Moon is void of course it is not a time to start learning or doing something new. It is easy to forget your wallet, phone, purse or keys while the Moon is void of course. Take your time and be aware of hidden meanings and experiences.

March 1 – Venus enters Aquarius

    This Morning Star Venus is associated with the God of respected social institutions according to the Mayans. There is a strong need to be part of whatever’s going on, and not just in your personal circle, but in the broader culture.  There is a stronger interest in the institutions of society and finding ways to make a contribution – whether it is political, religious, intellectual or social – your values are highlighted with an emphasis this month. Take action according to your values and be in alignment with the heavenly planets. This time in Aquarius highlights interest in international relationships and becoming more adventurous. Change is a key word for Aquarius. Social change is enhanced with Venus in Aquarius.

March 4 – Moon at Apogee

    The Lunar apogee is similar to a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting and the Moon is farthest from the earth. People tend to feel more anxious with this phase because they are aware that there is less and less time to get things done. Be patient, be patient, be patient… stay centered and fill your heart with light. Take responsibility for your actions and be with peace. 

March 5 – Mercury goes Retrograde

 This cycle of Mercury Retrograde puts Mercury in a pensive place and highlights reflection on how we all are part of a cosmic oneness. This month’s Pisces Mercury cycle is a great balancing act between the very pragmatic energies of Capricorn with the healing and compassionate energies of Pisces. This is a good time to bring order to your emotional and spiritual world. Writers, artists, poets and healers are inspired by other artists this month.

March 6 - Pisces New Moon

    The New Moon begins a new lunar cycle; it is like a seed. Everything cannot be done in 1 day but planting a seed and a plan today is beneficial. This chart has a T-square with the Pluto/Saturn conjunction, the North Node and Uranus. The Sun and Moon are conjoined with Neptune while Mercury is conjunct Chiron. Finally, Mars and Venus are in a square. This is a tightly connected chart that is focused and strongly concerned with right relationship.

    The T-square is meant to create inner stress to getting things done correctly and to be with the truth, no matter what. There are a lot of distractions and possible confusion with the way the planets are lined-up. Yet, one must stay focused on the most feasible goals. Imagine your tasks as if it is a basketball court. The focus is getting the ball into the basket. If you get distracted by a lot of waving hands “over here” you might lose the momentum to get the ball in the basket.

    The Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune does increase sensitivity to dreams and visions. Define your goal as part of your dream and vision and you will be filled with focus and illumination. Neptune is all about envisioning and imagining. Neptune in Pisces here guides you to elevate your vision by weaving your spiritual goals into your practical goals.  

    Finally, having Mercury and Chiron conjunct will remind each of us to reform or change something this month. It feels as though that the reform and change will act as a healing of some past emotional issues. May it be so!

March 8 – Aries Moon on its North Node

    This Aries Moon can feel highly self-conscious. There is a sense of not being good enough or not smart enough or such thoughts. Shift these thoughts into creative imagination and ways to improve your life, home and relationships. Mark this day on your calendar and do something new and different.  

March 20 – Sun enters Aries

    The very beginning of the zodiac is upon us each year at this time. It is a time of renewal and a time for venturing out for adventure. Aries is represented by the ram that is the first animal to find green food growing under the white snow. The ram leads others out of their hibernation into the new season. Consider the next 4 weeks as a time for trying something new in your life and you will be in alignment with the planetary energies. Be a pioneer and strive forward from this day on.

March 19 – Moon at Perigee

    The Moon at Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the earth and is similar to a building or waxing time of the Moon. This is a day for intimate and deeply connecting with those you love and care for. When the Full Moon is at perigee we call it a Super Moon as the moon seems so much larger than usual with it closer to the earth. Events such as the Dec 26 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami occurred when the Moon was a Super Moon.

March 20 – the speeding Super Full Moon and Spring Equinox

    When the Full Moon is at perigee we call it a Super Moon as the moon seems so much larger than usual with it closer to the earth. Events such as the Dec 26 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami occurred when the Moon was a Super Moon. This Full Moon is a “fusion chart” with a Yod, a Grand Earth Trine, and 2 T-squares.

    In this Fusion chart all planets are strongly interconnected with other planets. This is like saying all parts of the greater self – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual – are all integrated and aware of each aspect of self. This could indicate an opportune time for us to reach a state of fruition and healing. Visualize your body and life as a symphony all playing together in harmony. There is drama here with the T-squares but also much harmony. It is a great symphony full of drama but also resolution and beauty.

    The moon travels up to 15 degrees in a day and it is traveling at its top daily speed today so that adds themes of becoming overly preoccupied with projects or relationships. It is advisable to not get too stretched out by some idea or project. Instead write and communicate your visions and dreams for the future. Harmonize with this Fusion chart by expressing your hopes and dreams you can fulfill in this lifetime.

    I am guided to share with you a meditational visualization for this Full Moon. Visualize a blue sky and some clouds – breathe in and out and be one with the sky – there is much light coming from the east as the sun rises – breathe in and out and be one with the rays of the sun – bring the light deeper into all the cells of your body and breathe in and out and radiate out light. The next time you do this activity add a rainbow and feel yourself entering into the rainbow and the rainbow entering into your being. Relax and know that you are at one with the Universe. All is Peace.

March 21 – Libra Moon on its South Node

    This is a time when people can be easily insulted or overly guarded and sensitive. It’s a day when relationships are a struggle. Try to see the other person’s point of view. Breathe and reflect on what you love. Harmony is right here.

    Thanks for stopping by. See you next time..











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