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Planetary Highlights for January and February 2024

   Happy New Year - The planetary influences continue to teach and guide each of us how to be the best we can be – not only for ourselves but for our planet. .

 Overall, the planetary energies are very intensely connected throughout the next two months – meaning that we either will get the message and feel inspired to do the “work” on our personal issues, and on our projects – or feel stuck. Various pairing of planets will influence inner doubts but keep listening to what the doubts are teaching you. Being patient with yourself and others are key thoughts for January and February. Be aware that change is inevitable. Change can be exciting and adventurous as well as exhausting. Keep a balanced rhythm with each day.

Retrograde planetary influences

 Retrograde motion is when the planets go so slowly in their orbits that it appears to the other planets moving normally, as if they are going in reverse direction. Overall, retrograde motion tends to slow things down in the areas that the retrograde planet rules.

 Uranus will be the only planet in retrograde for most of January (goes Direct on the 27th of January). Once Uranus is Direct there could be a feeling of “freedom” from obstacles that have burdened the collective consciousness. This could be very positive but there is always an upside and a downside to Uranus cycles of “freedom” which can also be about freedom to be more rebellious, unruly, or angrier. What does “freedom” look like for you?

 Mercury begins Direct motion at 9:08 PM MST January 1st and there is a time until January 21st to complete edits, reviews, and problem-solving previous communications. After the 21st of January, the planet Mercury is guiding us to move forward with new projects, ideas, and communications.

 Mars is speeding in January and February

 When Mars moves faster than usual per day there is the influence to be extra energetic, extra passionate, extra creative, extra frustrated, or angry, extra goal directed and extroverted. This can be crazy making - remember to slow down your breathing every so often.

PLUTO at the end of its stay in Capricorn will be at zero degrees Aquarius in Jan and Feb

 Because Pluto moves very slowly this ending period has been going on for a while in our consciousness. We are not likely to realize all that this shift will bring for a while as Pluto hovers at the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius throughout 2024. However, we will begin to see what the themes of Pluto in Aquarius will bring us during the winter and early spring months of 2024. While Pluto was in Capricorn, we were embroiled in government issues that were either over regulated or under regulated with rules and regulations. This caused many people to want to disregard the governments or to be fearful of restrictions or very disappointed with government for not enough restrictions (i.e. climate and guns).

  With Pluto in Aquarius in the beginning of this 20-year cycle we are first seeking change and possibly creating chaos so that change will emerge. There could be an emphasis on the use of technology, and very creative and inventive aspects to technology – such as AI – that we need to better understand. We may also be making changes with Media and how News is delivered. Overall, Pluto wants to make transformations and for each of us to see the truth and to know from the depths of all knowing and mixed with Aquarius is about making changes and allowing us to feel free to invent and create and be advocates for various freedoms. We could end the inhumane total use of animals for laboratory testing during this era. (The sooner the better!!) I think alternative healing and the acceptance of intuition will begin to flourish also!!

The year of the Wood Dragon

 The element wood adds beauty and sustainable energy to the year. Maybe we will pay more attention to the forests of the world. This is a year to watch out for anger or use of short tempers. Then, fire can emerge like volcanoes erupting. Usually, though this is a year to get things done and not put things off for another year. This is a year of much talk and speeches, but it is advised to not believe everything that is said. Those who feel they are above the law may be out in force this year. 

Saturn and Jupiter are in a sextile for January and February

 This harmonious combination mixes rules and regulations with what is best for the overall good. Yes, this could be a positive time to work on Immigration and other such issues for governments and the populous, that must come to consensus for the greater good.

January and February MOON EVENTS (Tropical Astrology)

  Overall, the Moon is the closest planetary influence to Earth and it makes sense that the movements of the Moon in relationship to the Earth will affect all living matter on the earth.

MOON VOID of COURSE –on the following dates the Moon will be void of course for several hours and it is recommended to take care that you might be less focused with details. There are other times in the day that the Moon is void of course but for very short time. Usually early AM hours are not included.

    It is easy to lose things during moon void of course days. These dates are not the best dates for elective surgery. It is easy to lose things during moon void of course days. These dates are not the best dates for elective surgeries either. However, these dates are great for healing sessions, meditation, writing poetry and creative expression. All times entered below are in MOUNTAIN Standard Time.

   Jan 9 from 12:26 PM to 7:34 PM; Jan 13 – early morning to 9:30 PM; Jan 24 – 4:59 PM to 1:38 AM next day; Jan 26 –3:15 PM to 1:12 PM the next day; Jan 29 – 5:21 PM to 2:08 AM the next day; Feb 1– early AM to 2:38 PM; Feb 9 – 5:00 PM to 7 :44 AM the next day; Feb 14 – 4:22 AM to 9:03 AM; Feb 23 – all day;  Feb 27 -12:23 PM and next whole day.

Chiron is at 15- and 16-degrees Aries throughout the month of January and February and conjunct the transiting North Node

    Check to see if this is conjunct any of your Aries planets. This could accelerate healing work with your eyes, skin, and brain. Or, perhaps you will find better understanding of your heritage or your relationships. No matter where Chiron is transiting you feel an opportunity to heal, to learn and to bring wholeness to you. Oh, but remember to work through the obstacles that might be part of the learning experience.

January 1 – Moon at Apogee – (Leo)

    The Lunar apogee is like a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting, and the Moon is farthest from the earth. You can be entertaining while taking on leadership roles. Your sense of humor is much appreciated..

January 1st (9:08 PM MST) – Mercury goes direct –

January 3rd – last quarter Moon (13 degrees Libra) at the end of the lunar cycle it is a good time to finish up projects and to make room for new beginnings with the New Moon coming up soon.

January 11 – New Moon 20 degrees Capricorn (21 degrees in MST)

  This Moon is out-of-bounds and energized with Pluto to make transformations and to think out of the box with emotional issues. Venus is conjunct Ceres and is an excellent day to connect with your values and what you hold dear to your heart. Share your story with others today. Then, Mars is out-of-bounds also so be mindful of your body. You could feel very energetic and excited but take your time and drive safely.

 Overall, change is in the air and every moment is a new adventure. This is a good day to start something new. Calm the emotions though as you are still in the shadow of Mercury retrograde for finishing up projects.

January 13 – Moon at Perigee – when Moon is closest to the earth, we tend to feel more emotional than on other days. The moon rules the movement of tidal water, but also in our bodies (since we are about 60% water) – so, clearing away excess water is advised.

January 17 – First Quarter Moon (27 degrees Aries)

Take steps forward in life that inspire you as well as others. .

January 20 – Sun enters Aquarius

  This is the time of the year to be exploring and creating and making changes. During this time consider all the ways that you are “free” and all the ways you can make your life less complicated. It is a time to challenge yourself and to think out-of-the-box. Take time for various travels and be open to all possibilities. It is a time to shed yourself of conditioning that no longer serves you; do things that are nontraditional. Overall, get in touch with your purpose for being alive! 

January 25 - Full Moon (5 degrees Leo)

  This Moon Day has the Moon out-of-bounds and is about overcoming fears and cultivating courage to take leadership. Uranus is stationary retrograde and will go Direct on the 27th. Think about what shifts or adjustments you want to make in your personal life and home as well as in your work and relationships. This is because there is a YOD with the Moon to Saturn and Venus. This Moon is also in a t-square with Jupiter and Sun/Pluto. So, planetary influences encourage you to overcome inner doubts and inner conflicts by thinking out of the box and freeing up your conditioned responses. Keep true to your values.

January 29 – Moon at Apogee         The Lunar apogee is like a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting, and the Moon is farthest from the earth. This is a great day to do breathing exercises and to find new ways to bring benefit to the earth and all animals.

February 2 – Last Quarter Moon

 This last quarter Moon is all about letting go. Today is not the greatest day to have high expectations of self and others. Perhaps, letting go of expectations will be best. Also, let the energy of upcoming days fill your heart with love – love of self and others will bring kindness into the world.

February 9 /10 – New Moon (20 degrees Aquarius) Super Moon - February 10 – Moon at Perigee – Chinese and Tibetan New Year – male wood Dragon as part of the Super New Moon

     This New Moon feels focused and strong for independent work, thinking, and activities. The Moon is speeding along its daily motion at topknot speed (15 degrees 10 minutes) which adds themes of getting self very wrapped up in projects and/or relationships to the point of not remembering to eat, drink, or sleep. So, keep an even rhythm to your daily life – especially today. It’s a good day to connect with nature, friends, and animals. It can be a potentially frustrating day with discourses, speeches, or arguments.

 So, stay in zones of like-minded people and send loving and healing thoughts to those who are frustrated and angry enough to cause war. I say this because of the conjunction of Mars with Pluto and Pluto conjunct Mercury. Still, there are sextiles from these planets to Neptune, and the sextiles guide us to use words and ideas to bring about harmony.

 Guidance says to seek some calm and harmony for the benefit of all. Do your best to not fall prey to dark thoughts today and replace them if they appear with beautiful thoughts of rainbows, flowers, children singing and puppies playing.

February 16 – First Quarter Moon (27 degrees Taurus)
           Today is energetically a good day to take initiative with conflict resolutions and practicing all things toward improvement.

February 19 – Sun enters Pisces

     This is a time for cultivating compassion and resolving suffering. This being the 12th sign of the zodiac and the ruler of the 12th house, there are themes of releasing, letting go, and trusting. It can be a time for healing and making offerings to those less fortunate. Most importantly, this is a time to connect with the collective unconscious and to become more aware of personal hidden motivations and prejudices. We are all part of the greater whole. We all can make a difference for a better world.

February 24– Full Moon (5 degrees Virgo)  

     The Moon is seeking to create tidiness in ways that benefit others as well as self. Through work with organizations and organizing personal space we can help bring harmony into the world. Full moons are always about expanding and improving like the time that a flower comes to full bloom. Yet, there will be a feeling of restriction or limits on this day that need to be addressed. It feels like love of self is very important today. Take time to listen to inner guidance and the songs of birds. If you play a musical instrument this is a great day to play that instrument a lot. Or just sing a song that makes you happy today and sing while you work, clean, and exercise.

February 25 – Moon at Apogee (Leo) – keep singing…

February 27 - from 12:23 PM the Moon is void of course until 9:10 PM on the 28th – be careful and mindful!!



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