Current Planetary Influences

MAY 2018

    We begin this month just after the glow of the Full Moon on April 29. Did you take time to reflect on the wisdom of the planetary energies? The planetary energies are strong this month and will influence the many world issues to work through and decisions to be made this month. At the end of this month we will have a fusion chart for the Full Moon which could signify hopeful changes.  

   Overall, things seem to be continuously intense though with the combination of Pluto and Mars conjunct the first 10 days, and Mars square Mercury after that, and then Mars square Uranus all month. However, by the time of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghen (May 19), there are harmonious planetary energies. I wonder if they had an astrologer choose the day and time.

  So, in the beginning of this month we will see a continuation of aggravated battles with ideology and heavy world issues to think about. There is the Korean peninsula reaching a possibility of a Peace Agreement – is that how Mars and Pluto operate? Usually this conjunction activates fighting and reactionary behavior. However, Pluto can defy the odds. Yes, Pluto is like a tiny but powerful explosive energy to get to the truth and to clear away pretense and ignorance.

   It is possible that Moon Jae-in, an Aquarian whose parents are refugees from North Korea, may have the right attitude and aspirations to make this a possibility. When I did a bi-wheel of Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in I saw that they do have a connection astrologically that could bring respect and peace. However, the big unknown is how Kim Jong Un will behave when conditions that he hadn’t thought of are brought to the table.

   Un’s Capricorn nature likes to think he has everything all planned out and he likes to be prepared. Whereas, Jae-in’s Aquarian nature can be open to all possibilities. They have a conjunction of Venus and Moon – which feels very favorable for friendly discourse and an awakening of the concern for the Korean peoples. Then, there is Un’s Mars/Pluto conjunction hooked into Jae-in’s Saturn/Neptune conjunction. Jae-in can be idealistic but grounded in reality. Un can be highly ambitious but egotistical. Moon could act as the father figure here. Fingers crossed this idea of peace could become a reality.

   At the end of April and in the first 10 days of May we have the continuation of the conjunction between Mars and Pluto. The guilty verdict of Bill Cosby was a striking example of what could happen when Mars and Pluto are in opposition to his Cancer Sun.

    Oppositions are extremely challenging and force each of us to come to terms with the polarity of existence. In this case, Bill’s very identity as “father”, as loving and kind and funny (Sun) all was smashed by the truth (Pluto) and righteous anger (Mars). On the basest side of Pluto and Mars the subject is misuse of sexuality and is about force and the shadow is often expressed as rape.

   Before all of the accusations were revealed publicly I used to watch Bill Cosby for a lighter moment. I was totally shocked to see the “other” side, the darker side of his nature; even though I know it exists throughout humanity. If I had known that he had Mercury conjunct Pluto and Mercury was conjunct his Sun and that he has Scorpio Mars in the 1st house (birth time is disputed and not known for sure) I might have been more prepared. So, his ability to be funny was also an aspect of his trickster misuse of power.

    Yes, misuse of power is something that Pluto conjunct Mars will purify and cleanse. We are constantly seeing scandals of one kind or another in our political system and will continue to do so even when this conjunction is completed. As then, Mars and Uranus will be in a square which will activate anger and reactions that break apart systems. This planetary aspect is likely to awaken change in use of power. Look to the youth of society all over the globe to activate and awaken change. I say this because Uranus is really the youthful view and perspective.

   Uranus is at the end of its cycle in Aries this month. Often when a planet reaches the end of a cycle there is a state of anxiety to complete what was meant to occur during the cycle. So, when a planet is at 29 degrees it can feel over-anxious in general. Uranus is concerned with forward action and making changes that often break apart traditions. This month Uranus moves from 29 degrees Aries into zero degrees Taurus.   

       The energy of Aries is also about doing things in a pioneering and forward thinking manner; however Uranus in Taurus is more stable. So this month marks a time for a shift from anxious reactive responses to perhaps more measured and thought out responses but still, Uranus will be excitable. It will be interesting to see how this affects the temperament of world leaders.

   Overall, this is a month to especially practice servility, patience, kindness and thoughtfulness. Otherwise the various planetary energies are likely to influence us to be on edge and to over-react. Take in the beauty of spring and the promise of new plant and animal life whenever you can as a great balance to the turbulence felt all over the world.  

   This is a month to embrace family and children. Anticipate improvement and shift out of negative or anxious thoughts into productive action. This is possible because Jupiter and Neptune continue to be in a trine and give us opportunity to have faith in humanity. The square of Mars and Uranus activates doubt and conflict. Choose the trine of faith. The simplest things in life such as enjoyment of a flower or the way a dog responds to a toy can be very healing.  

   One thing is certain every minute counts. This is a time to release what doesn't serve you any longer and to engage in new ventures. It is a time to balance the practical with the ideal and honor what is sacred. Finally, it is a time to respond to life with positive and confident thoughts and actions.


  There are several times throughout this month that the Moon is void of course during the night which could enhance sleep. The following list of when moon is void of course is for waking hours and for at least 4 hours in MDT:

May 21 – Moon void/course all day to late at night

May 23 – Moon void/course all day and night

May 25 – Moon void/course from 3:05 PM to 7:41 AM next day

May 28 – Moon void/course from 11:26 AM to 4:30 PM

  On all of these times it is best to be extra conscious and centered with your activities – especially if driving a car or working with machinery of any kind. The void can be a positive time for healing sessions, practicing Yoga and meditation, reflecting and working with positive affirmations. This is generally not the best time to start something new or try learning something new. When the Moon is void of course it is not a time to start learning or doing something new. It is easy to forget your wallet, phone, purse or keys while the Moon is void of course. Take your time and be aware of hidden meanings and experiences.


    The Lunar apogee is similar to a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting and the Moon is farthest from the earth. People tend to feel more anxious with this phase because they are aware that there is less and less time to get things done. Be patient, be patient, be patient… stay centered and fill your heart with light. Take responsibility for your actions and be with peace.

May 12 - Moon on its own North Node

    This Aries Moon can feel highly self-conscious. There is a sense of not being good enough or not smart enough or such thoughts. Shift these thoughts into creative imagination and ways to improve your life, home and relationships.

May 13 – Mercury enters Taurus for 2 ½ weeks

    This is a good timing for the expression of practical and physical awareness. Note that Uranus will be conjunct Mercury for about 7 days and intensifies the need to express ways to make forward thinking changes.  

May 15 – Uranus enters Taurus

    We start a new cycle with Uranus, the planet of change on this date. Uranus in Taurus might activate new thinking that protects the earth. This is an early beginning of this cycle and Uranus does return to Aries in November, December 2018 and January, February, and a little of March 2019. So, just when we begin to think things are one way and more stable they are likely to be fiery and reactive once again with the last hoopla of Uranus in Aries. Best way to ride the ups and downs of Uranus is to be open to all possibilities and to be prepared for all types of change.

MAY 15 – 26 degree Taurus New Moon – (4:49 AM MDT))

    The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and this month the New Moon conveys to me a tone of depth and intensity about differing views and beliefs. I say this because Jupiter is opposite the Moon and Sun; while Saturn is in a sesquiquadrate aspect to the Moon and Sun at the same time. There could be a struggle to find the middle ground that is needed for a peaceful resolution. Yet, it is possible because of the trine with Jupiter to Neptune. Then, Pluto and Mars are in a trine to the Moon and Sun which makes it easy for stubbornness and misuse of power to be the tone. The best way to work with these planetary energies is to find common ground where there can be mutual benefit for all concerned. Let’s see what the Sabian Symbol says for this day.

   The Sabian Symbol for this chart is “A vast public park” with the keynote as “the cultivation of natural energies for collective use and recreation.” This symbolizes a focus on the emotional-cultural values for people to live in peace and to enjoy moments of relaxation. A public park is for everyone to enjoy.

    My take on this symbol is that even though there are hard aspects with this New Moon the elevated trine of Neptune and Jupiter is like the silver lining of the darkness that Pluto and Mars might influence. We are at a time when we can transcend the ordinary and the base side of humanity into a time of awareness. We can be focused on the higher goals of the collective to make things better for all people of the earth.

May 17– Moon at perigee

    The Moon at Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the earth and is similar to a building or waxing time of the Moon. This is a day for intimate and deeply connecting with those you love and care for.

May 19 – Venus enters Cancer – Prince Harry and Meghen’s Wedding

    Venus is all about the enjoyment of the senses and social encounters. Most important Venus is about our values and our self-image. Venus in Cancer is like singing harmony in a choir. There is a love of joining with others for emotional/social and spiritual connections. There is a love of family, children and friends.

    On this day there is a Grand Water Trine with the Cancer Moon to Neptune and Jupiter. This could bring the wedding couple much love and happiness because they share and enjoy similar universal principles and will share their views with the world. Of course there will be ups and downs as there are always little curves and road blocks in every relationship but with much communications the relationship will withstand the varying upheavals of what life brings.

    I think it is interesting that the wedding chart puts Mercury elevated at the Mid-heaven indicating that they will be known for their words and thoughts. This couple is fine with being in the public’s eye because they have a message for all of us to hear.

May 21 – Sun enters Gemini late in the evening MDT on the 20th

   The energy of Gemini is generally highly mental and entertaining. The hands move as part of the conversations. Oh there will be many conversations and telephone calls from this time until the Sun enters Cancer on June 22nd. Technology and psychology are highlighted during this time. At least we will have a direct motion of Mercury, the ruler of Gemini. So, this could make things seem like they are moving in a forward pace. The key will be how to keep up with all the information that is being transmitted.

May 22 – first quarter Moon in Virgo

   This is the time of the month when form emerges. We are in the waxing phase of the moon and are encouraged to take action. The Virgo nature might help us to be careful about our impact on others as we emerge.

May 25 – Moon on its own South Node

    This is a time when people can be easily insulted or overly guarded and sensitive. It’s a day when relationships are a struggle. Oh, I hope the “summit” between US and Korea doesn’t happen on this day.

MAY 29 – Full Moon 8 degrees Sagittarius at 8:21 AM MDT

  This full moon has 2 t-squares, a Yod, and a Grand Water Trine. This is a fusion of all planets interconnected with each other creating opportunity to heal and to spiritually grow. The squares are always challenging and doubting energies while the Yod calls for making adjustments and reasonable behavior. The Grand Water Trine of Jupiter, Neptune and Venus though, is really special. This can be about feeling compassion and understanding for others. Let’s see what the Sabian Symbol says for this Sagittarius Moon.

    The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is titled “A mother leads her small child step by step up a steep stairway.” The keynote is “the need in any social situation to assist the less evolved in their management of the problems which society requires its members to solve.” Dane Rudyhar says in his book An Astrological Mandala that “man builds stairs and therefore is responsible for assisting the child to climb them step by step.” He indicates that it is up to the parent or builder of the stairs to take responsibility to teach those who are less evolved.

   My thoughts are that the Yod in this chart is to be taken very seriously with Saturn, North Node and Sun we have an opportune timing to take a responsible position in our lives. We must make adjustments so that all children are safe. If we build stairs, bombs, and war machines – all products of civilization - then we must take responsibility in guiding the less evolved to learn about navigating these items for the whole of the collective.


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